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Maca Lifehuni


  • Against erectile issues
  • Speeds up metabolism!
  • Provide sexual appetite
  • Strengthens the bone system

Dietary Supplement.


Maca Lifehuni It is surprising all the medical applications that can be given to maca. For this reason, the products that incorporate it as a component are highly demanded, because it is recognized that it brings wide benefits to the organism.






Properties Maca Lifehuni:


♥Works on the entire sexual hormonal part.

♥Balances the thyroid gland.

♥Speeds up the metabolism.


♥Helps menstrual cramps, bleeding, and menopausal symptoms.

♥Improve erectile diffusion problems.

♥Regulates cholesterol levels and facilitates the digestion of fats due to its high content of soy lecithin.

♥Helps fertility, stimulates the reproductive organs and lubricates them, favoring sexual desire, both in men and women.

♥Strengthens the bone system due to its calcium content.

♥ Peruvian Root –  Maca Lifehuni Dietary supplement.





Dosage : Take two  capsules of Maca Life daily , one with breakfast and one more after lunch.







*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*

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